How This Deadly Drink Affects The Body

Love fizzy, colas, and sodas? We all know that fizzy drinks aren't healthy at all but how exactly do these drinks affect the health? The effects of soda on the body are so damaging that it can literally increase your risk of cardiac arrest just 45 minutes after taking the drink.

Minutes after drinking soda, the body releases excess levels of dopamine that gives you a sugar high. Unfortunately, the euphoria you get from sugary drinks will take its toll on the heart.



We all know that coca cola is a very harmful product, it is widely known that its composition is equivalent to more than thirty tablespoons of sugar per container, which is a serious problem for those who drink this excessively.

Too much sugar and glucose in our body can be the trigger for problems such as: hypertension, obesity, heart failure, arthritis, artery blockages and more. Which is no small thing to take into consideration.

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