Is This Trendy Oil A Potential Treatment for Dementia?

Coconut oil is one of the trendiest "healthy oils" among millennials but the raves aren't more than just hot air. Studies show that coconut oil may one day be used as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

A team of Spanish scientists concludes that coconut oil reversed the effects of Alzheimer's disease during testing. The clinical test involved monitoring patients of varying genders and ages suffering from dementia. Results show that patients exhibited an improvement in cognitive functions. 


This clinical trial was conducted in Spain, which explains why the study was done to begin with. Spain and other EU nations and middle eastern nations, including Israel, seem less restricted with what they can study without pharmaceutical funding. Spain and Israel have done considerable research and human studies on cannabis’ medical applications, for example.

The Spanish clinical trial involved following Alzheimer’s patients of varying ages and genders with and without diabetes diagnoses to determine if coconut oil consumption had any effect on reducing their Alzheimer’s mental dysfunction.

They used cognitive testing before and after the clinical trial to determine changes. The intervention group was fed 40 ml of coconut oil daily, which comes to 2.7 tablespoons. Three tablespoons or more daily is recommended by experts, depending on dementia severity and coconut oil digestive tolerance.

The researchers noted “a statistically significant increase in test score … and therefore an improvement in cognitive status, improving especially women’s, those without diabetes mellitus type II, and severe patients.”

The Spanish researchers concluded, “this study, although preliminary, demonstrated the positive influence of coconut oil at the cognitive level of patients with Alzheimer’s, this improvement being dependent on sex, presence or absence of diabetes and degree of dementia.”

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